Spiritualism, Art, and Audio Book

This quick missive will undoubtedly be my last of 2021.

Eye of the Lord

Georgiana Houghton, “The Eye of the Lord.” 1870 (Author photo)

In my December column for Skeptical Inquirer, I venture into the realm of art history to discuss the work of two women, Georgiana Houghton and Hilma af Klint, who may deserve credit for the first introduction of abstract art. For decades, Wassily Kandinsky was identified as the first abstract artist, starting in 1910. But these two women were producing many abstract works before that date. I was drawn to this topic because all three artists were inspired by spiritualist beliefs. The article is entitled “Spiritualism and  the Birth of Abstract Art.”

My only other item is a happy announcement. I have signed a contract for an audio version of my new book The Uses of Delusion: Why It’s Not Always Rational to be Rational.” So, when the book is released next spring it will be available in both hardcover and audiobook form. Given the popularity of audiobooks, I am delighted to know The Uses of Delusion will be produced for earbuds. At this point, I don’t know who the narrator will be.

That’s it for 2021. Merry Christmas, if you are celebrating that holiday, and Happy New Year to all.