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Stonington Library Talk, etc.

I apologize for the ongoing spam about my new book. It will not last forever.

Because it is happening in my home town, I consider this event on Sunday, July 10, to be the true book launch. Note the new time, 4:00 pm, designed to allow people to also attend the Stonington Historical Society’s music at the Light House later that evening. For those who attend in person there will be a wine and cheese reception following, and thanks to Bank Square Books, there will be books available for purchase. The talk will also be live-streamed on The Stonington Free Library YouTube page. I hope to see you there!

Recently I had the chance to go on the Seize the Moment Podcast with Leon Garber and Alen Ulman. Both of them read the book and had great questions and comments. We got into some deep stuff and had lots of fun doing it.

That’s all for now. Given the events here in the US last week, it is a bit difficult to feel particularly celebratory this July 4th, but I hope you find some way to enjoy the summer weather and the long weekend.


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