Friday the 13th

I wrote the previous post as if it would be the last of 2019, but I did not fully consider the impact of Friday the 13th. So here is a very short followup covering just two Friday the 13th items.

On Friday the 13th I did a nine-minute interview with RTRFM radio in Perth, Australia. It was a fun conversation, and you can listen to it at this link. However, I should offer one trigger warning. There is brief mention of a pexels-photo-1510543-816x459.jpgsomewhat distasteful episode of pica (i.e., eating non-nutritive items). On the other hand, the people at RTRFM found a very cute black cat to go with the story.

At the last minute, I decided to write a brief appreciation of Screenshot 2019-12-12 12.43.21.pngTaylor Swift and her relationship with the number 13 for Skeptical Inquirer magazine online. As I mentioned in the previous post, this past Friday the 13th was Swift’s thirtieth birthday. You can read the story here.


OK. I am pretty sure this really will be the last post of 2019. Happy Holidays to all and may the New Year be bright and wonderful for you and yours.