Recent Media Bits

scienceofus_black_rgb_20Last week I was quoted in an interesting article, “The Strange Power of Unlucky Charms,” written by Cari Romm for New York Magazine’s online blog Science (of) Us. Among other things, Romm reports that, in approximately half the states in the US, landlords are protected from having to disclose to new tenants that a death has occurred in the apartment. Ghost protection.

Last month included a Friday the 13th, and although I did not give any new interviews, some of my older material resurfaced. Most notably reposted my 2012 essay, “My Take: Why We Fear Friday the 13th.” I discovered the article was out again when I got the tweet below from Colgate University.


Evidently Colgate loves the number 13. As this page on the university website explains, “The university was originally founded as The Baptist Education Society of the State of New York by 13 men who each offered $13 and 13 prayers.” So they celebrate Friday the 13th as a lucky day at Colgate. Who knew?

Finally, I will soon be a guest on an exciting new podcast, so I will keep you posted about that when the time comes.

All for now.